About Us

In summer 2009, the „Alliance for protection of girls from female genital mutilation“ has been founded by eight organisations.
All organisations work in the field of children- and human rights, prevention of violence and ethics/humanism:

Akifra e.V., Giordano Bruno Stiftung, Human Rights Services Oslo/Norwegen, Lobby für Menschenrechte e.V., Stiftung Deutsches Forum Kinderzukunft, TABU e.V., TaskForce für effektive Prävention von Genitalverstümmelung, WADI e.V

ZThe aim of the alliance is the implementation of a practical and lasting solution which will lead to broad protection of girl-children in development-projects from the violence of female genital mutilation. First, the focus is put on so-called “sponsored girls” who are marketed by several development organisations. These organisations do not only have a very special responsibility towards these girls to fulfil, but they also have the best options to verify and control the safety of the children.

The alliance bases its actions and demands on the commitment to the universal children- and human rights, as well as to the awareness that female genital mutilation does not only mean unspeakable harm and suffering for the victims, but also an enormous barrier for true development.

The campaign www.sponsoredgirl.com will proof that a broad and lasting end of female genital mutilation is POSSIBLE within a short timeframe. Everyone can contribute to this – even without investing any money.

If you would like to know more about the members of the alliance, you can read here.

Special thanks go to all the people who helped creating this campaign with their personal engagement and even private financial support. Many thanks to the Bethe-Stiftung ( www.bethe-stiftung.de ) ) and Giordano-Bruno-Stifung for having provided funds for the campaign.