The solution

The organisations have the power and the potential to guarantee the immediate protection of sponsored girls in a simple, effective and even measurable way. They only have to admit the following:
- Female genital mutilation is NOT to be tolerated, under NO condition.
- Every single sponsored girl has a right to be protected from genital mutilation.
- - This right is strictly to be guaranteed, not only to fulfill the responsibility towards the sponsored girls, but also towards you as the donors - to whom the organisations are obliged to grant the highest possible results form the invested money.

Organisations like PLAN International, WorldVision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund Germany could immediately guarantee the protection of the sponsored girls. This would not even require additional financial or material effort, but only a very consequent but simple change of the basic approach and strategy:

This becomes possible because in Africa, local groups and initiatives have been fighting for an end to FGM for more than 25 years. And in relevant countries, numerous nationwide education and information campaigns have been carried out by local groups. As a result of these campaigns, a growing number of people, including the male decision-makers, are now well aware of the devastating consequences of female genital mutilation. The two steps to measurable protection you find here

Rakieta Poyga was asked in May 2008 as one of the first experts to give her opinion about the practicability and efficacy of this new approach. Rakieta is the president of the organisation of Bangr'Nooma in Burkina Faso. Her organisation can look back at more than 10 years of experience and intensive efforts for an end to the mutilation practice in Burkina Faso. In her estimation, this new strategy can not even be realised very easily, but can be considered „brilliant“ und „life-saving"!

Waris Dirie, is one of the most well-known victims of female genital mutilation. For more than 10 years, she has been dedicating her life to end FGM. In September 2009, her biography "Desert Flower" will come as a film to the German cinemas. In February 2008, she wrote:

„From my own experience, I know that genital mutilation is so dreadful that it can not be redressed with anything – not with clean water nor vaccinations or school visits. Who ever claims to be committed in enhancing the life situation of children, but at the same time fails to protect them from genital mutilation, is destined to fail.

How long still, do development organisations want to allow little girls in their projects to be submitted to FGM. Are they doing all to protect them from this violence?

I wish from the bottom of my heart that finally, all organisations would work together for our purpose to guarantee the girls' right to grow up and live with an intact body.“

Lucy Mashua, herself a victim of FGM, put her own life at risk in her home country Kenya, by helping young Massai-girls to escape from the mutilation. Imperturbable, she advocated for endangered girls, until she had to flee from her country – and was granted asylum in the United States. In August 2009, she angrily asked:

„How can you give someone vaccination and clean water access when they are in pain and their vagina's cut open and rotting from inside? How can someone in pain really enjoy vaccination and clean water?”

So, what is the motivation of the mentioned organisations to – until now - refuse the change of their policy in favour of the protection of the sponsored girls?
Why do they not do all necessary to avoid the devastating harm and sufferance in such a simple way?
We have done lots of investigations and had to find out that there is no coherent or cogent reason, but however, many threadbare excuses and a lot of ignorance.

But this does not mean that this dilemma and fatal situation is destined to remain this way – on the contrary: Read here , why you have the power to make change happen.

Are you convinced and have decided to help? Well, then please feel free to act right now:
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